Building a great career is about a lot more then just doing great work.   Whether its getting the money you want, the position you want or finding greater motivation and joy, I have a high success rate of getting my clients there.   I use a whole person approach that goes far beyond the "WHAT" to produce gut level confidence and clear action.   As a veteran of the tech industry, a former hiring manager and executive, and a really great problem solver, I have the tools, experience and knowledge to help my clients understand what they really want, go after it, and get it.    

Learn more about how I help professionals who are:

You Spend 1/3 of Your Life at Work.

Make It Awesome!

"I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I was terrified and stuck.  Gretchen helped me understand what was holding me back and I'm killing it now!" - Kelly C.

"I've always helped people but it was making me burnout.  There was too much on my plate. Gretchen helped me find ways to help myself.  I love what I do again and am putting my energy in the places that really make a difference.  " Matt P.

"I'm 43 years old and had no idea a childhood trauma I never even thought about was holding me back.  Sessions with Gretchen are mind blowing.  Every week I feel more confident, stronger and I can't wait for the rest of my life." - Sarah J.  

"I have a passion for tech but had a really hard time dealing with the corporate culture. After working with Gretchen I understand who I really am vs. who I was trained to be.  Things at work don't really get to me anymore and I'm getting the respect I have always felt I deserved. Coaching with Gretchen is the best investment ever!  Do it! " - Claudia N.