About Gretchen

I had a 20 year career in technology, with over half of it as an executive.  After supporting my daughter in planning her career it became apparent for me that I needed to make a change as well.  My passion for the work was gone, the politics and culture were really getting to me, and I failed the parking lot test almost every morning.  I was completely burned out.  

I embarked upon a deep study of careers, leadership, and self-actualization and was amazed to find that great careers were more about the "how do you want to be" than the "what do you want to be".    I was unhappy because I'd gone out of learning mode, and learning mode is part of my unique happiness profile. My values also conflicted with many aspects of my daily job, and with my daughter grown up those values were more important.  

In our culture, what we're told creates a good life often doesn't.  This was too amazing a discovery to not share it with the world, so I became a career coach.  I truly love what I do.  There's no bigger joy for me than when my clients tell me "I got the job!" or "I love what I do again!" or "I'm starting that business and I know its right".  My work now aligns with my values, my talents, my knowledge and how I like to be.