Life Purpose and Direction

Whether you're just starting out, have gone through a major life event, are making a big decision or the grind is simply getting you down, its natural to ask yourself if you are taking the right direction and/or what your ultimate purpose is.  

As my client we would start by creating a clear understanding of you - your values, your happiness profile, your priorities and your current life satisfaction.  From that understanding, we will explore and identify where the big payoffs are for you to create a more fulfilling, more purposeful life.  Then, we will develop a strategy and an action plan to get there.  

Life Purpose and Direction Strategies I help with include:

  • Addressing that nagging feeling - taking a life that doesn't feel quite right, nailing the why, and moving it forward
  • Harmonizing competing priorities - moving from can't have it all to can
  • Gut-level confidence with major decisions - exploring and understanding what you really want and why
  • From dissatisfaction to satisfied - removing negativity from your life and getting what you want from your career, relationships and yourself

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